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Ladner – Branch #61 – Executive and Committees 2018


PresidentAl Ridgway
Past PresidentJim Ingram
1st Vice PresidentKurtis Peardon
2nd Vice PresidentBob Taggart
SecretaryOlwen Demidoff
TreasurerTom Easton
Sgt-at-ArmsRob Gardener
Executive at LargeDave Olson
Executive at LargeScott Peardon
Executive at LargeGerry Bramhill
Executive at LargeFrank Taylor
Branch ManagerJacky Hillairet


FinanceTom Easton - Chairman
Don McPhadyen, Russell Ford, Frank Taylor
MembershipJacky Hillairet - Chairman
Ways & MeansJacky Hillairet - Chairman
Bob Taggart, Scott Peardon, Dave Olson
Others as required
WellnessBob Taggart - Chairman
Jacky Hillairet, Bill Galloway
Branch ManagementKurtis Peardon - Chairman
Jacky Hillairet, Olwen Demidoff, Frank Taylor and Tom Easton
Service Officer (Veterans Affairs)Jim Ingram and Pete Davis - Chairmen
Kurtis Peardon
SportsBob Taggart - Chairman
Dave Olson, Scott Peardon
EntertainmentIan Estabrooks - Chairman
Jacky Hillairet
Poppy CampaignGerry Bramhill - Chairman
Brian Rainbow, Joan Neilson, Bob Taggart,
Phil Easdown, Jim Holt, Jacky Hillairet
By-LawsDon McPhadyen Sr. - Chairman
Bob Taggart, Kurtis Peardon
Honours & AwardsOlwen Demidoff - Chairman
Jacky Hillairet
Building & MaintenanceGerry Bramhill - Chairman
Dave Olson
CadetsPete Davis - Chairman
819 Liaison - Joan Neilson
828 Liaison - Pete Davis and Jim Ingram
1867 Liaison - Rob Gardener
DonationsBob Taggart - Chairman
Dave Olson
BursariesOlwen Demidoff - Chairman
Gail Erickson
May DaysBob Taggart - Chairman
Marliss Sanderson, Jacky Hillairet, Dave Olson
CenotaphRob Gardener - Chairman
Ken Cornish, Bob Taggart, Kurtis Peardon, Jean Gardener, Al Ridgway, Jacky Hillairet, Rev. Whytcher
November 11thRob Gardener - Chairman
Ken Cornish, Bob Taggart, Kurtis Peardon, Jean Gardener, Al Ridgway, Jacky Hillairet, Rev. Whytcher
Christmas HampersBob Taggart - Chairman
Phil Easdown, Brian Rainbow, Dave Olson
Special EventsJacky Hillairet - Chairman
Bob Taggart, Scott Peardon, Dave Olson, Others as required.
ZoneKen Cornish, Olwen Demidoff, Wayne Liptrot, Al Ridgway, Frank Taylor

Tom Easton, Rob Gardener, Jean Gardener
Amos FergusonDon McPhadyen - Chairman
George DerbyLadies Auxiliary
Marketing and Public Relations including Social MediaFrank Taylor - Chairman
Kurtis Peardon, Bruce Cochrane, Leeann Cochrane
AuditRussell Ford - Chairman
Debra MacMahon, Bob Patterson
90th Anniversary Jacky Hillairet - Charman
Bob Taggart, Dave Olson, Kurtis Peardon, Gerry Bramhill, Frank Taylor
Youth & PosterAudrey Gordon - Chairman
Olwen Demidoff
PadreWalter Bayley